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Inspect-a-Home 10-Ways

1. Heating/cooling operations and cleanliness. 2. Water-heater operations and location. 3. All water-supply operations. 4. All drainage operations. 5. All electric-plug operations and polarity. 6. Roofing and guttering integrity. 7. Foundation stability or shift. 8. All exterior surfaces protected/painted. 9. All window opening-operations and integrity. 10. All door opening-operations and integrity. Advertisements Continue reading

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Foundational Stability

Properly compacted soil and use of reinforcement rods are required to minimize cracks in slab foundations. These concrete foundations must remain stable to sustain the integrity of the structures built upon them. That’s also why rain-gutterring should always be present on buildings, principally, to prevent rain-shed-water from persistently eroding land at the structure’s foundation. A … Continue reading


Reclaiming Space

It is rewarding to reshape the space within our homes. Regenerating storage rooms with shelves and cabinets can organize an area more efficiently. Reshaping living rooms with free-span beams can open passage for easier movement. And reconfiguring utility rooms for space conservation with tankless hot-water and horizontal-flow heat/air can reduce equipment footprints. Continue reading


Essential Tools

Having the right tools is imperative for successful home construction. An even wider range of the essential tools is important for successful home improvements. From a renovater’s toolbox is demanded multiple hammers, pry bars, wrenches, pliers, cutters, screw-drivers, tape measures, straight edges and levels. Necessary corded and cordless power tools include circular & reciprocating saws; … Continue reading